Mastery and Execution

I have been thinking a lot lately about this question:


“What, when given a meaningful opportunity, can I execute on?”



Can I trade for 1000 pips a month?

Can I trade for 10 pips a month?

Do I have the courage to be honest about what I can really do?


This is a tough one. As traders, we go into our platforms everyday and we are presented with a very real way to make or lose money. What are my abilities? Have I practiced enough? Do I really know what the hell I am doing?

Mastery requires that I am completely honest with myself about my abilities and in the case of trading, what can I prove through back testing? It is the same as stepping up to the tee box and pulling out a driver when I have spent no time at the range with that club.


Maybe take some time today to ask yourself, do I really know how my system performs? Do I really know how to trade it?

I want to be more honest today about how I actually perform so that tomorrow I actually have a chance for improvement.



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