Let Your Profits Run…. Or Execute What You Practice?


This is a nice follow up to my last post where I asked the question, “what can I REALLY execute on?” What have I proven? What have I practiced and seen work over and over again?

Today’s trade was the perfect example of this. The chart below is EURUSD 15 min. Blue line buy to blue line sell was 20 pips.

Snagit screen capture

I know, from testing that I can get 20 pips from my set ups. I know it because I have seen it many times. I know I can execute a trade for 20 pips consistently. And I am ok with that.

Even if it runs for 100 more before my next set up


Even though I know that I will not grow the account exponentially this way right now

This is how I choose to trade. There is no madness. There is no stress in waiting and watching.

I am gaining the confidence to repeat this trade over and over again, and I would much prefer that to making a trade for 100 pips and not having a clue how I was going to do it again.

Short but sweet



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