How I Tommy Boy’d my trading yesterday


So I awoke this morning to a stark realization about my trading: I have no balance. If my boss called me at all hours of the night and stole family time, I would be seriously unhappy, so why do I let trading?

I traded profitably yesterday. I very nice day in the markets that brought accomplishment and account appreciation as well as good conversation with fellow traders. I did everything I want to do in a day, except let it go.

That great day followed me home. I ended up wanting to check trades while I played baseball with my boys. I wanted to check trades at 11:30 pm, 1:00 am, and 4:30 am, just to watch some great trades go to break even.

So to say it best, I had to find this Tommy Boy clip…

Don’t grasp to hard or you will kill your trades and your down time. Find balance and peace. Let the good days and good trades be just that, just a trade and just a day. Enjoy everything else that is important and let the next trade come to you in due time.



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