Trading and Watering Trees


Trading has evolved for me recently and I have had a hard time putting into words what that change in thinking has been. But I think I have it!

When any of us start out in a job or hobby or any kind of pursuit, we start at the bottom. My first job was when I was about 14 I think. I used to spend the summers on my grandparents farm in Northern Colorado. Too many awesome stories to even begin to tell about those times but anyways. There was a tree farm across the road from us. Acres and acres of trees in all different stages and the owner needed someone to water the seedlings that he had just planted. So I took the job and day after day I would connect hoses and work my way down huge rows of trees watering and making sure there were no weeds.

Soo… What does memory lane have to do with trading?

Point is that I didn’t go into that job thinking I should be paid what the owner was paid. I didn’t think that I could or should make more than I was worth at the time. I was new and I had proven nothing.

So I take this idea to trading now. The problem I see is that I walk into trading after having some level of success in some other venture (not tree watering) and have this idea in the back of our mind that since I have been successful other places, I deserve to be successful in trading.

OK… not going to happen but OK.

If I can approach trading with the same humble mindset and know that I may only make $10 an hour or the equivalent today, it won’t always be that way.

I am learning to have some patience and appreciation just for the process itself, the pure pursuit of mastery




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