Trading Experiment Day 12

The ocean and trying to “catch a wave” is such a perfect picture of trading. I am going to expound on this in the next couple of days but wow. It is perfect

Back to the charts!

Fridays trade went to break even. Should have paid closer attention to support.

Today’s Paintings:

4 hour

Snagit screen capture

The four hour has held 1.2990 very well. When it didn’t break on the last push down, makes me hesitate on a short

1 hour

Snagit screen capture

The one hour has held the up trend very well. there is trend line on the top that would open up some upside I believe

15 min

Snagit screen capture

The 15 min gives more detail. It is holding this small uptrend line inside of the bigger down trend. a break in either direction I am more inclined to trade.

Snagit screen capture

This is a closer view.

5 min

Snagit screen capture

With all of my higher time frame charts looking pretty well supported, I am going to wait for a cross up on these moving averages before I take a trade.

So, today is a buy day. If it happens great, if it doesn’t, well I just got another day to master chart analysis and become a pro.



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