The Trading Experiment Day 14



Trading Lessons Taught To Me By Richard Parker:

1. Many beliefs are easy, one true belief takes time

2. The boat is my trade station, I am Pi, and I MUST work to tame the tiger and live at peace with him.

3. Don’t kill the tiger, it is my greatest ally. He pushes me to grow and want and fight, and I will miss him when I do not need him any more.

I love this concept. This was a very well done piece on what it takes to fight our nature. I picture myself in this situation. The absolute hardest fight in being on the ocean for 227 days would be the battle against myself; boredom, hopelessness, pain, hunger, day after day with no sign of relief.


See Richard Parker represents resistance in its finest, purest form and when we turn pro, we take all power from resistance and make it work for us. It was Pi and Richard Parker, Pi against his mortal enemy, himself. And I hate to say this but I am envious of his situation. Not that he was stranded on the ocean, that would be my ultimate worst case scenario, just that he was alone with his resistance. I have a job and kids and passions and commitments and dreams and it feels like fighting my resistance is more difficult sometimes, but ultimately, that’s all part of it i guess

Sometimes I think it would be easier to be alone with my resistance, but then the resistance would just take a different form. The absolute key for me is to treat my resistance NOT as trading or anything specific, just as purely resistance. See Pi’s was different than mine, but the story is the same:

Once I turn pro and conquer resistance, NOTHING CAN EVER STOP ME AGAIN!



Snagit screen capture

This chart shows me that the E/U is at a decision point. A solid break of this trend line would open up downside.

I am a buyer of a little bounce here though.

Thankful just to be able to be apart of this life today



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