The Bombora Robot

Happy 4th of July to those who are celebrating today. Freedom is different than we some times believe. I believe it is not the freedom from want and need, but the freedom to succeed or fail and have no one stand in my way. As a trader, that is the only thing I ask for, just give me the opportunity to do what I love, get better at it, and don’t stand in the way. I will be responsible for the outcomes.

I am staying away from the charts today. Bank holidays provide low liquidity and with NFP today, I don’t want to get blindsided in any way.

The only charts I looked at today were my Bombora charts that the robot is trading on the VPS.

Bombora was created to take the biggest chunks of the markets and build accounts in a loose “investment” style. It is not a scalping system. It was developed to find the points of natural continuation in a trend, at least as I see them.

Here are the charts of open trades at the moment:

This is a 15 min EURUSD chart with the Bombora system on it.

Snagit screen capture

I taught some old indicators new tricks. The basis of the whole system is that big red or blue line, the Bombora Wave. Its as simple as when its red, it sells the market, and when its blue, it buys. Now there are 3 other indicators that help determine the best point to enter that trend but that’s it.

It trades the waves!

This is the current EURJPY 1 min trade. The entry is not visible on this chart but is works exactly the same on the 1 min that it does on the 15 min. Stop has been moved to +80 pips (Testing underway thanks to @lavertrade)

Snagit screen capture

And I have recently put it on the GBPUSD 15m and it took a break even this morning.

Snagit screen capture

Enjoy your day everyone. Thanks for reading

To find out more information on Bombora, pleas visit:

Click Here to Learn How to Trade the Bombora Wave
Click Here to Learn How to Trade the Bombora Wave

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