The Trading Experiment Day 15: About Turning Pro

Resistance Point
Resistance Point

The night before I went on vacation I read “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield. You all know that because I haven’t been able to stop talking about it. That was a Wednesday night and we left for the beach on Thursday morning at 4 am. All of these thoughts of my amateur life were rolling around inside of my head and this constant nag that I really, really wanted to turn pro.

So Friday morning, I woke up and decided that I needed to burn the toxic thinking out of my system. So I did what I hated: I went for a run. Now if you knew me, I am an old football player and a current hockey player. Give me a lot of short bursts and then let me have a break! I am not a runner….

So I went to the beach in the dark on Friday morning to take a run and this is the entrance from the street to the beach and I just stopped when I got up to it and took in the moment.

Things were changing. 

Not my circumstances. Everything in my life was exactly the same as it had been for a long time. Frustration and resistance all around me. But standing there, on the edge the old life and the new, this line had to be crossed. I had to look resistance in the eye and and tell it to go to hell. I’m not doing it any longer.

Resistance all over my life. My job, my trading, my family life. ALL OF IT! None of that old resistance was welcome in my life any longer. See trading is just a mirror. If I am willing to beat resistance in other areas of my life, beating the trading resistance will be less complicated. It’s almost like I have to find “success” somewhere else and know how to win before I can find success at trading.

So today, I am back to real life, but it feels different. And I know that as I change my mind, only then will everything else follow.

Good day traders,


EURUSD today

Snagit screen capture

4hr bounced exactly where I thought it would. I got ten pips off of the bounce last night before going to sleep.



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