What Do I Believe?


If only the hardest part of trading were actually the charts…

And not what I believe…

Then things would be so much easier…

I think there are things that haunt us all, and for all they are different. That’s not a “problem” or up for discussion. Me, you, everyone I have ever talked to has something that stands in the way of what they want to accomplish or who they want to be. Pressfield calls it resistance. Faith calls it an enemy of our souls. My good friend Matt Lacoco calls them dominant thoughts. I call them tormentors. Its all the same.

Try this little test. Think about this morning, when you first rolled out of bed, no before you took your head off the pillow, are you aware of what you were thinking about? Am I aware of the dominant thoughts that shape my day from the first second? It is rare to wake thinking the world will be good to us today, usually that is a decision to be made.

What are my dominant thoughts? Am I thinking about how no matter what, things are good!? Am I thinking about how unless my trading turns out good today, I am a total failure because that is the only thing I have ever believed.

What are my motivations? Am I trying to prove something in trading or by being a good trader? Do I need it to make up for some other part of my life? These are all trading killers.

Trading is a job, it has no meaning. To try and attribute meaning to trading performance will kill it… fast.

Thanks to @spacepip for sharing this video with me. It has a very thought provoking part in it that compares a mind to a field. He says that they are similar because whatever I plant in a field will grow, whether good or bad. The field is INDIFFERENT to what I plant because the fields job is to produce. 


Today is about ripping out the weeds and the plants that I have let grow that shouldn’t be there. Most are bigger in my head then they really are in the field. It’s perception. And then tomorrow morning I will have to do the same thing. It will never end.

And after I kick all those old friends out, I will allow the good to come in every day.

The battle for my trading, for Matt’s trading, for your trading,  is not fought on the charts! It is fought in our minds, even before we look at the first chart or have that first cup of coffee for the day. Win the battle of the mind, and all things are possible.

The Bible says, “All things are possible to those who believe”

Can we believe?



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