Trading Experiment Day 19: Discipline


A great friend told me three things last night when I told him I was in the battle of my life with discipline:

1. Discipline is simply Self Control- In trading, can I control myself to do what I shouldn’t

2.No Wasted Motion- Don’t obsess, don’t try to steal

3. Blessings or Curses, you choose- I can either choose to be disciplined and be blessed or choose the old ways and have nothing

He is not a trader, and he gave me the greatest trading advice I could ever imagine. 15 seconds and it blew my mind.

But that’s how this whole thing works right? I am not sure the mind is a zero sum game but I am sure it is a field, and weeds must be pulled to make room for new crops to grow. The field is agnostic, it only produces, we choose what to plant. So yesterday, I pulled some weeds. I put down the desire for the surreal and the need to be somebody, and just like I thought, good came in because it was allowed to, not in the form of a trade, but something much much better:

I was able to plant the seeds of self control and discipline in the place of those weeds!

Now for some trading and some charts!

I am kind of kind of neutral on the EURUSD right now. Its right in the middle of this huge triangle pattern on the 4hr

Snagit screen capture

Here is the important chart for the day for me. I want to initiate a short term long on the bottom of this box if this candle can hold.

Snagit screen capture

Will update later today

Today…. Is a GREAT DAY! Hope yours is too!



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