Trading Experiment Day 21: Setting Goals

7-16-2013 12-40-47 PM

I made a folder today. I made some decisions about what my goals are. To this point, my goals have just been dreams. They required the benevolence of either God or man, and I transferred risk and responsibility all of the time, and no action taken by me was important enough to change it. “Make a choice, like you just decide what it’s gonna be, who your gonna be, how your gonna do it. Just decide.”

Today though… things are changing today. I can feel it in my soul. Discipline, Self Control, Decisions Made 

The dream has never been to be a trader, as much as I always thought it was. Trading can’t be a dream! Dreams are saved for the surreal and fantastic. Trading is bars and numbers. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So why do it?

The Dream is in here. The life I want is in here. And I have no pictures of charts in there… 


This folder contains the broad strokes of what I want out of life. My REAL goals.

And now being right and being a trader and being somebody can all fade away…

I can just trade because I want this, whats in that folder, and it will take time and effort, but now that I know what I am aiming at, I can hit it.

And Trading is just the vehicle to get there.

The action today was underwhelming again. I made 15 pips on a couple of trades today.



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