Trading Experiment Day 26: It Just Happens Now…

This is a super weird feeling to be honest….

I really have nothing left to say. I am just… doing it now.

Its like this anti climactic moment when everything I have been grasping for finally happens and all the cards fall into place, not because I accomplished anything new, but just because I let go… And now I just trade. I don’t have MT4 on my phone. When not purposefully trading, I don’t look. Guess what! Trades still present themselves the next day! Like over night it all came together and I have the three things I knew I was missing: Process, Discipline, Strategy. More on that later.

So now I am just going to talk about trading until I come up with something better to say in the future.

Stats for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

Sunday: +11 pips

Monday: +14 pips

Tuesday: +55 pips

Losses: 3


Here is one of  today’s charts

7-23-2013 Trade

It’s just simple now… I don’t mean that like there isn’t stress or loss. I just mean that like there isn’t anything attached to it.


1. A PROCESS: I know exactly what I am looking for every day and I trade only that signal

2. DISCIPLINE: I now know how to stop myself from taking dumb trades outside of my system. I may not have had my process before but at least I was able to stop myself from taking bad trades. I learned how to tell myself “no” “bad human”

3. A STRATEGY: I have a set lot size that has increases built in for milestone account numbers. I have stops and profit targets that add up to a meaningful outcome at the end of the month if I follow my rules.

Dude… Freedom is awesome!



2 thoughts on “Trading Experiment Day 26: It Just Happens Now…

  1. It sounds like you are making great progress! Don’t stop blogging after your personal challenge is over! I enjoy your comments and it resonates a lot with my own struggles! Keep up the great work!!

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