Trading Experiment Day 28: Managing Expectations


Two areas of my life that the starting line is most difficult:



Working Out

Starting new things is tough. There is excitement and anticipation for big results and good outcomes. Adrenaline is pumping and just the rush of changing things can be intoxicating. All I can see is how good it will be. All I can focus on is how good I am going to look or how much money I am going to make. In the story of the tortoise and the hare, I and the hare. Jumping at the starting line with my sweat band pulled down to my eyes and my old school Converse shoes on. Ready to Run!

The starting point is great. Excitement, joy, promise, and hope. I can think of many things that I started and didn’t finish for any number of reasons. Some important and some not.

Trading and my work out routine go hand in hand for me, at least how I approach them and think about them. I know I want to do both of them. I know both of them are super beneficial for me. I know that it takes discipline and perseverance just to make it past the starting line in either of them. I know that at the finish line of both of them is a supreme sense of accomplishment.

But I’m still at the starting line!

There are only 2 things I HAVE TO DO at the starting line:

1. Take the first step, make the decision- Get out of bed early enough to get to the gym. Set my rules for trading. Just set the rules and then take one trade. DO NOT expect to do anything other than follow the rules. This is not time to think about the finish line. It is so far off in the distance you would die of exhaustion on the spot if you had to exert enough energy in your mind in that moment. There are hours of running ahead. There are hours of lifting weights and doing push ups. There are days and years of sitting at your trade station. Don’t try and compress any of that time into today. Its the most important day because it’s the day you “start” but it’s just another day. There will be many between here and the finish line. Don’t compress them.

2. Manage the Expectations- Just don’t think about the result, think about the trade. Don’t think about how strong you will be in 60 days. All of those workout videos I see advertised on TV talking about 90 day work outs or 30 day or what ever. It immediately focuses attention on the wrong thing. “oh its only 90 days. whatever I can do that.” you have already finished something in your head that hasn’t even begun yet. And I guarantee that when day 20 rolls around, the next 70 days will feel like a freaking eternity because the expectation at the beginning was, “that is not that much” or “I can see the end already” Manage the expectations immediately, for that day. None of the other days matter. None of the other trades matter.

Just this one

Don’t get caught flat footed at the starting line day dreaming about the finish line. Just take the step, make the trade. It’s the only one that matters.



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