Trading Experiment Day 32: We Become What We Think About


I have a feeling that the last few days of this experiment are going to work in the same way as compounding interest, almost all of my gains will come in these days.


I am going to make one last confession to you about trading here in the experiment. I know I have talked about this before but this goes with yesterday: I have not been doing what I need to do. I haven’t been working hard enough or believing that if I do that work, something different is possible.

I have let myself fall victim to “The Nothing” that I talked about yesterday. It is a perfect description for resistance. The resistance wants us to believe that we are powerless, that we are not the main characters of our stories and that we need a force greater than our own thinking that will shower us with benevolence to accomplish what we desire. All of my concerted effort is going into this one pursuit right now.


I need to become successful before I have can have anything to show for it, not have everything and then be successful. It is simple but it just doesn’t work the way we think it does. I think we have a tendency to look around at what everyone else is doing and say once I get there, then I am successful. Well I can almost guarantee that you will not get there until you are successful today.

What does that mean for me? I have to put in my hours on the charts. Not actually trading necessarily but just being in the game. I took on a new project last week. I am replacing head gaskets on a 2001 Land Rover which means I have the engine apart down to the block. This was a no joke job to do myself. And it hit me, if I approached that project the same way I have been approaching trading, it would never ever get done. I would take a bolt off and then sit down and whine about how hard this is and well things could go wrong and I may never complete this and and and.

And then it hit me! The only difference between taking an engine down to the block to change a part that will make a car run better and in turn make my life better and trading to make my life better is I DON’T FEAR ONE OF THEM. I believe that no matter how long it takes, I can fix this problem with the car and get it back to working order. That’s my dominant thought in this situation. I am in control and I can do this. The dominant thought in trading is still opposite. I am going to lose it all and no matter how hard I try, it will never work. And then instead of making a concerted effort to get under the hood of trading, I walk away and think that it should be easier…

Damn this attitude. It’s amateur to the core… but its a simple fix. Change my thinking and change my life.



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