Why We Lean Forward


Well, it has been a little while but since it’s Monday and Monday seems like a good time to write, I am going to plan on writing on Mondays from now on. Mostly because I haven’t been hit with the full force of the week yet and my thoughts from the weekend are a little fresher and more vibrant than any other day of the week. When I don’t have to wake up, I usually do anyways and spend time thinking and meditating.

My lesson this week about trading came from an unlikely place. I guess not totally unlikely. Every form of competition or pursuit requires some form or another of process and trading lessons can be learned from any and all processes. My lesson came from my football players. I have been a football coach at different levels for a good portion of my adult life. This year is my first as a high school coach though and I enjoy it.

Last Friday night we lost to a pretty good team. We sustained some injuries and walked away with more lessons and wounds to tend to than accolades and fan fare. Here is the thing though, that team was not markedly better than us. They were not athletically superior, there were not more players for them to sub and keep fresh, and their plays were not more tricky or well designed than ours.


They played from their toes while we played from our heels.

Or in other words they leaned into their plays. They attacked because they were confident in their practice and preparation while we mentally did not have the same convictions. We played from a position of hope. “I hope that I will make a play”. “I hope that I am in the right position” and “I hope I will not get hurt”. Sounds so eerily similar to my trading mindsets some times.

So it all woke me up at 4 am Saturday morning. I am still faced with this idea that the whole world is waiting for me to decide. To commit and get on my toes and do what I know I should. I am on my heels, trying to cover the entire field, when all I really have to do is be confident in my assignment, and go execute and most importantly…


Because commitment requires it



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