What it Means to Be Positive


Being positive takes a lot of work….

I have been asking myself a certain kind of question lately. I can’t say I have been asking myself the same question because it’s not always the same but the question does center around the same theme: What actually brings about change in my life?

Ok, lets back up for a second. I have been staying away from writing and trading live for the past several weeks for a multitude of reasons. I have been developing a new trading method for one. Another, and probably the most important, is what is my attitude? When I started the Trading Experiment, I wanted to change my actions. So I set out to do what I always do and that is do something different but I found it took me down a lot of negative roads. I set out to change but only found myself focusing on what needed to change rather than changing it. Its a cycle: See problem, talk about problem, problem stays, repeat. The process HAS to be broken. The frequency with which we think has to change.

There is a better way though. Out thoughts, beliefs, and words all have so much more potential and carry much more weight than anyone gives credit to. Napoleon Hill made this famous in “Think and Grow Rich” but it has been around for much longer. There is a verse in the Bible that says As a man thinketh, so is he and there is a book by James Allen first published in 1902 called as a man thinketh (free on Ibooks and is posted in full audio version below).

This fascinates me and it is true for every facet of life. Do I want to be a good husband and father? What do I think about? What do I say? Do I want to be successful in business? Do I want to be successful in Trading, the most difficult thing most of us have ever set out to accomplish? What do I think about trading? What do I say about it? Do I wake up in the morning and declare that I sure hope I can find a good trade today or I am pretty sure I will not make any money today but I need to be in it to win it? I guarantee you, you will receive what you believe. I am declaring only good and thinking only positive things today but here is the thing, it doesn’t help if I only do it today and then go back to that sludge pit of I don’t have what it takes. Fight the battle every morning for our minds and our attitudes, its the only skirmish that locks in victory or defeat for the rest of the day.

So I have decided to believe differently every day. I have decided to be positive, excited, optimistic, and most of all hopeful regardless of how a trade turns out or what happens because I believe this brings about true success, or life as it was meant to be. Enjoy today. Happy Monday



2 thoughts on “What it Means to Be Positive

  1. Being all these things is easier said than done. Being excited, optimistic, and hopeful is ok if you’ve got something positive to be excited and optimistic about. It is no good sitting at your trading desk with a big smile on your face if it is false, it will just look like the smile on Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Batman. I know I’ve tried it. The best I’ve done is using Paul Mckennas hypnotic cds but it’s hard to keep it up without some success in trading. I’m presently doing a Chris Lori course, going through all the InnerCircleTraders youtube videos,reading every interesting blog (like yours) I can find, reading about 5 different books on trading and psychology, listening to podcasts, watching webinars, making notes etc, as well as observing and trying to evaluate four different currency pair charts, testing some ideas on forex tester, writing up my blog, recording ranges in various sessions, highs and lows, etc and probably more. Todays traders podcast on burnout really hit home, as everything I’m doing has become all a blur. Still nowhere near a methodology I could trade tomorrow and I’m charging around like a headless chicken. But it’s the ideas that are keeping me positive. Maybe like in the movie the Great Escape, it’s best to have three plans always on the go. Tom, Dick and Harry, so if your present escape tunnel collapses the others are being tested and are in the pipeline to keep you positive, until you find your tipping point. Maybe you are just inches away right now. Anyway good luck in your journey, keep smiling and as for me I can’t wait for you and Matt on the next podcast. Cheers Simon.

    1. Simon I would assume you aren’t alone in this. It can be tough to keep plodding forward some times. You have inspired me to think more on this subject, like what is it really that we can be positive for? Is it the hope of being a successful trader? Amazing input. Thanks for your response. I am going to think on this one and get back to you

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