A Conversation on Being Positive

Pikes Peak For Web Big

“I’m presently doing a Chris Lori course, going through all the InnerCircleTraders YouTube videos,reading every interesting blog (like yours) I can find, reading about 5 different books on trading and psychology, listening to pod-casts  watching webinars, making notes etc, as well as observing and trying to evaluate four different currency pair charts, testing some ideas on Forex tester, writing up my blog, recording ranges in various sessions, highs and lows, etc and probably more. Today’s traders podcast on burnout really hit home, as everything I’m doing has become all a blur. Still nowhere near a methodology I could trade tomorrow and I’m charging around like a headless chicken. But it’s the ideas that are keeping me positive.”

My friend Simon (@fxoutlier and fxoutlier.com) wrote this in the comments on my last post and it caught me a bit off guard because he said what we all think “how can I think positively when there is nothing to be positive about”? It rings out every time we take a trade and get hit with a loss or another break even. Our account doesn’t accumulate and we feel like this is some unnatural form of insanity. After we turn the computer off and go find a cup of coffee and get away from it for a minute, we calm down. The blood flows regularly and those veins aren’t popping out of our foreheads anymore. That is the precise moment when a thinking change is possible because we are then able to ask the most relevant question to any pursuit we endeavor to endure…


I may harp on this but believe me, its a powerful question. We can’t think positively when we don’t know what we want. I could give several examples but I’m going to try to get it across in one:

Climbing a mountain

What if I told you “I want to climb a mountain”? Would you look at me and say ya, grab some hiking boots and a water bottle and it will be easy. Maybe. What if I told you I wanted to climb Everest? Would you expect me to sit at the bottom of the mountain and then get frustrated that I am not already at the top? Probably not. You would tell me to prepare and then just start climbing.

I tried to get this concept across with working out back in the experiment but I am going to try and say it a different way. We have many 14er’s here in Colorado (mountains with peaks over 14,000 ft) and they are very popular to climb. I personally have never done one but when my boys get old enough, I am almost positive it’s an adventure they will want to live and I will have to join them. Where I live is located right at the foot of Pikes Peak which is a 14er. I step out of my door every morning and see this beautiful mountain. Rocks, trees, snow 6 months out of the year, sunsets wrap it and sunrises shine off of it’s face. It is magnificent. And to climb it would be an accomplishment I am sure.


If were to prepare my gear and then head over to the trail head and look up at the mountain and wish I was at the top, I will never get there. If my expectation is anything other than one of preparedness for tough situations, I will never make it to the top. If I have the euphoria of completion and a whirl of victorious energy before I start, I will fail to complete the climb. It is no different in trading. It is so much like climbing a mountain. One more step. One more test. One more try. Just one more…


So when I say “think positive”, its only for the next step, not the destination. Simon, you are doing so much more than you realize! Be positive in those steps, knowing that the mountain summit won’t be now, today, or any one of your next 10 steps, but those steps build on each other and take you to your destination.

Keep it up friend!!



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