How Bad Do You Want It

Remember back at the start of the experiment? Day 5? It says it’s a breakthrough day. Well, I might have jumped the gun a bit.
Here is the video that I put on that day.

I love this story. It’s perfect.
But there is a part 2. See making the decision to succeed at something, is not a one time decision. It’s everyday.

It’s not enough. It’s never “enough”. Time to redefine the grind. Or just time to make the grind. Take all of this trading passion and blah blah blah and turn it into a grind. Maybe it’s Matt’s grind which is small profit targets everyday at set times of the day, or maybe it’s Rob’s grind, the big KD trades. Ultimately, it just doesn’t matter what the grind is, but just make it a grind. Make it a spreadsheet and follow the spreadsheet. Gifts and talents and opportunities are given to all, the ability to grind them out, day after day, that is a learned trait, I don’t care what your doing.

Time to put the pieces together and stop being half way. Time to reinvent this whole idea of tradinglife.



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