Just Do It


The simplicity of the Nike slogan is genius. Just do it.

This is my final post on this blog. I have nothing left to say, not yet anyways. Some day, when I can talk about great experiences, trading or otherwise, I will say something. But not until then.

So I have just one more thought to pass along to anyone who happens by this blog.

Just Do “IT”

Whatever IT is. Just do it. Stop talking about it. Stop being afraid of it. Stop trying to be “somebody” in your “IT” and just go do it.

That was my biggest mistake. I wanted to take the path around the tough part. I wanted to make it to the destination without having to actually take the journey, and I thought for some strange reason that if I talked about it enough, I would get there. If I met enough traders in my case, somehow it would wear off on me like some kind of magic dust. Well, it doesn’t. And the more I talked about it, the worse I felt. Our friend the “Muse” only visits those that are sitting in their chair every day. She only visits those that are in the fight. And one can only learn Kung Fu in the Dojo.

Its like a great tragedy while going through it and then great victory on the other side. The conscience won’t let us walk the wrong path forever. We know when we are being true to what we set out to do or not, and it’s just a matter of time before we are faced with the decision:


What am I actually willing to commit to doing? Decide that and then Just do it. Shut up about it and go get your ass kicked by it. And say thank you to your “IT” for making you feel alive again because you weren’t afraid of it any longer. It’s like a boxer right? If they just stood in their corners  and yelled across the ring at each other, whats the point? GET PUNCHED!! Get dirty. Get kicked in the mouth a couple times. At least you can say you didn’t back down from the fight. Why? Because nothing lasts forever. No bump. No bruise. No loss in a trading account. As long as that punch teaches you something, it was worth every minute of the fight.

Pressfield had a great “Writing Wednesday” a while back. It was after I made the decision to stop talking about trading and just go do it. It was about a concert pianist and it is titled “Find what you love and let it kill you” (Get the article HERE). It was some kind of confirmation. I have made a ton of excuses in my life. I have tried to take a lot of easy roads and many paths of least resistance. I have been a master of avoiding the “punch”. But guess where it got me? Absolutely nowhere.

Think of it this way. In most major cities today, there are two ways to get across the city. One straight through, and one that loops around. That’s what its like sometimes except our loops don’t let us experience less traffic and still get to the same destination. They curve back on themselves and loop us directly back to where we started: Having to take the painful path right through the middle.

So, in conclusion to this whole blog thing….

Shut up, and just go do it. It feels pretty good to get punched in the mouth every once in a while when your doing something important to you.

Take care everyone. God Bless



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