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Holy Crap have I been writing this blog for a long time? It feels like it! I can’t think of anything I have enjoyed more than creating this body of notes and musings. It has been rewarding, challenging, and fun. But I have noticed something as I look back, and as I look forward. That stuff I wrote about, it has the wrong focus…. I want to jot down some notes here to try and give a feel and idea for where I want the blog to head in the coming months. It may feel different and it may not be what some of you are looking for. That’s ok. As I mention later on, I have another site that will stay very specifically focused on the actual charts and trading. But here, I want to point this ship in a new direction. Let me try and explain…

Trading. Is. Not. Life.

Trading is a part of life. It’s a job, just like any other, maybe better, maybe worse. I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t care anymore. It’s just a job. And I can’t make the blog about what it’s been about up to this point. It’s been about searching and wandering a little bit. Its been about trying to view life through the lens of trading and find meaning in the details of trading. Trading was the end game. The goal. The life I wanted. And now that I’m here, I have made some very stark realizations that both made me laugh and jump for joy and want to cry and hide under the desk at the same time. Its been a blog based on trying to fit square pegs into round holes and trying to make indicators and people do what they were never meant to do. Making money as a trader does not solve any problems and the high gloss finish put on by all those “full time” guys that we see all the time, well, come to find out they aren’t any happier than me, they just traded to make money and I didn’t… that’s it.

Trading. Has. No. Meaning.

If I made 1000 pips today, would that make anything better in my life? If I lost 1000 pips today, would that make life off of this computer screen any different? In all honesty, no. Maybe I have to go get another job or maybe I would take a nice vacation depending on which side of that coin I fell on, but remember, that is a change in circumstances, not life. Trading can change our circumstances, but not our lives. It’s a fine line and people may argue it but whatever. Let me try to put it another way.

Trading. Is. Not. Beautiful

This is sort of the new TradingLife:OwnIt manifesto: Search for the beautiful, and use trading to do it. Life is about the search. The journey. The drift toward the complete. The pursuit of passion and  fulfillment. The beautiful, in short. Maybe it’s just love. I don’t know. Trading can only be a means to an end and from now on, this site will be dedicated to finding beauty in life through trading. I have another site, where I will discuss trading, show charts, and talk about trading in general. This site will be less about the trading in life and more about life with trading. I want to attempt to  inspire you the same way I have been inspired and awakened to search for beauty and see the greatness and potential of that pursuit.

Much like our behavior in trading, people have  a tendency to corrupt the need for beauty as well. Twisting it and destroying it, they settle for ugly counterfeits only wearing a cheap imitation mask of the real depth and and truth we desire.

Trading. Can. Not. Be. Possessed.

We do not own the moves on a chart nor do we get a say in which way they move. We are a part of someone else’s business and business model. We get no say other than our actions and how we involve ourselves. We can only trade the current candle. All 250,000 before this one are just that, before. We can’t do anything with them. We just have the opportunity that this one candle creates. In the same way, beauty can’t be possessed. We can see something in this moment that floors us and makes us feel alive and the next moment it’s gone, maybe forever. It may have just come through in that moment to inspire us on to the next moment, because that’s what beauty is, a moment.

Trading. Is. A. Job

I want to change all this stuff up. I’m doing little things here and there to step into the life I want to live. I can’t do them all at once or I might explode like mentos in a  diet coke…. I know this without a doubt though, trading is not the end game or the goal. It’s a job that will allow us to live crazy cool lives if we learn how to manage it properly.  The real secret has to do with finding something amazing to live for and trade for and succeed for. As Eric Thomas says, “Go find your “why” and the whatever your doing will become easy. That’s when life become’s amazing. That’s when we know we are owning our trading life…



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