This is a post I asked my new friend Isaac to write. He is a surgeon in Guatemala and I met him at Rob Booker’s live event in Orlando in February. His story has intrigued me so much I asked him to share a little bit about his trading life in Guatemala. Please enjoy. 
Thank you so much Isaac. Happy Trading
First of all I want to say thank you Shonn for the invitation to write for your blog, and thanks to Rob Booker for introduce me to the speakers on that Awesome Live Trading Event at Orlando last February when I met first time Shonn.
I am 36 years old. I am five years old on trading. I am physician with General Surgery specialty Training in Guatemala city and a Digestive Endoscopy Training for Early Detection of Digestive Cancer in Tokyo, Japan. I was born on Guatemala city, but chose to move to living on State of Quiche in Santa Cruz city six years ago, is a small town with people with few medical services.
I was becoming involved on trading as you can guess, because I need more money than my career can offer to me. I want self independence of a job, of a boss. I love to be my own boss, take control of my time. Sometimes my patients becoming my boss because it is obvious that sickness does not have any schedule to come. But, it is my vocation to serve patients and I love to do that. I am surgeon and love to perform surgeries and endoscopic procedures.
In Santa Cruz, here is not a technologic and building developed city. I live on small house with two floor, I live on the second floor. I have my consultation office and clinic ont he first floor. I live from that. Sometimes I have a lot of free time, and sometimes in a day I can not approach any chart to see it. It depends of my work. First patients, second family, and third trading.
My day starts 6 am, have to prepare with my wife our three children, I take them to the school, and around 7:15 I am ready to see charts and see the Daily Inventory Report, if I do not have any patient yet. When this occurs I look for scalping the market. When my day is too busy, I usually see charts at evening to look for swing trades on a Trifecta’s Rob Booker style.
I am not living for trading yet, but my goal is to live from trading and to earn as much money I could, to help more people on this small town. I want to buy more equipment for my clinic which is too expensive. I want to continue keeping good medical services with the cheaper price possible. I do not like to take advantage of people disease to make money. That last sounds and is so awful.
A good day trading for me is when I plan a trade and price go as I was thinking. Actually I am approaching market with scalping and swing trading, as I mentioned above. Now, I love to plan a single trade for a day and when have 10-20 pips, exit the trade and take the day off of day trading. I also test some robots on other accounts.
I want to make the analogy as something written on the book “Inventory Trading” from my friend Shonn Campbell page 97:  “Do I, as a trader, use price as the lens through wich I try to trade my indicator signals?” or “Do I, as a trader, use indicators as my lens through wich I trade my price signals?”
On my trading career I was made a lot of errors, I looked for the easy way. I tried systems or strategies as a shortcut to make money easily, but instead of that, I had loss more money than I earned. Inventory Trading Analysis is helping me to approach the market and use strategies as a lens to decide wich trade I will take.
My analogy is that: I as a physician, I want to see my patients, approach their health problems, and use laboratory tests, and image studies as a lens to approach disease or an ill patient. I do not want to give treatment only based on a laboratory result, or an RX or ultrasound inform, I do not want to do that. I learned that in my university years. So why I want to treat currencies or markets differently?
You could say, all this does not match, but I hope it makes some kind of sense.  There is no easy way, to becoming a doctor I had to study all these years… To be successful on trading I must study one currency from the longer period times to the shortly and do not look for easy money. That study could give higher probability trades, than only looking for trades on one single time frame and push buttons when some signal triggers. So, this Inventory’s Shonn method, is helping me so much to improve my trading. Awesome!
Is trading so popular in Guatemala? I do not know. Here in Guatemala I have only two friends, my brothers, who trades currencies. i do not know how exactly they got involved.  I started my first trading account because an online advertisement of Forex caught my attention. I began to look for investment business like forex after I read “Cashflow Quadrant” of Robert Kiyosaki. Here in GuatemaIa I know of an enterprise that teaches NYSE on university, but. I do not know any people living from trading in Guatemala yet.
I want to finish this text with another analogy between medicine business and trading currencies:
A medical business have the following costs:
  • Initial investment in equipment
  • Personal employees (nurses, cleaning, administration, accounting)
  • Doctors (specialist areas)
  • Energy, Medical Oxygen, Water, Gas, etc.
  • Some publicity
To start a business whatever you want, you must have an initial investment, like in medicine, like in trading, you must start with funding the account. The bigger the initial investment, will be better your business services or appearence, aren’t it? I think, all my first year of trading, I was losing money because I started with little money. Blow out little money, but perharps, it was my all money I could start with. Now, if I want to start again, I would love to start with more.
So, I think my trading business as whatever other business, I hope it make sense.
The best challenge for me is to have a positive equity curve. And get out quickly around bad trades.
Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “SPECIAL GUEST POST: ISAAC from Guatemala

  1. Nice and encouraging article for struggling traders like me. Shonn’s Inventory Trading book has definitely made a positive impression in my trading and Rob Booker is awesome….

  2. Interesting post Isaac. I’m not sure about the last part though of having more money to start with. There is a point yes, when having so little means that any success means little and you don’t get inspired much when your account grows, but a big account could work against you with the fear of loss and the pressures arising after a few losers. It appears to be a double edged sword. Rob Booker in the 40% club states that one of the three things that can make us successful is to fall in love with money. Making money and the accumulation of it, appears to be something we need to have some sort of mild obsession about, maybe more than mild. His two other things for success, the accountability and cutting the losers short are more tangible sorts of things, but the love of money for me needs some sort of catalyst, for me anyway, I’m not sure a larger account would create the right one. Seeing money accumulate at almost any level may be the catalyst for me, as I am yet the achieve this. You may already be seeing this in your own trading then a larger account may just the step you need, but I’m not yet there myself although getting several positive signs. As I see it, it takes ten stages of doubling your account to get from $1000 to $1000000. Doubling the account for the first time is a big event, then I suppose adding to the account to cutting out a few levels maybe possible.
    Just a few of my thoughts on your post and best of luck Isaac, your letter is very inspiring.

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