Day 1: Here We Go Again


I am so excited to be doing this again. I am going to write for 40 days and talk about what the journey was like to turn pro and to still be working through turning ummm “more pro” I guess? The ups, the downs, and the consolidation periods. I want to try to put the process in perspective a little bit maybe in hopes helping your journey.

Today I wanted to discuss what it’s like going back and looking at the experiment and how I want the next 39 trading days to play out. I honestly haven’t looked at it in months, maybe years.

Maybe in some ways I have forgotten where I’ve come from and I think that may be dangerous because if we lose that perspective, we are never content because we always feel like we aren’t “there” wherever there is. I’m not this or I’m not here. Well, look back. Have you made progress? Then you are getting there. You are on the path. You are taking the journey.

Ok it’s time. I am going to sit and read my posts again right now and I will come back and talk about it.

(I will be back in a while. Feel free to get a soda or some coffee. I might be a while)

Ok I’m back. Sorry to keep you waiting.


What a trip. I am very glad I have that record of my journey. It’s lacking in trading depth and knowledge because, well, I was lacking in trading depth and knowledge so that makes sense. It’s got some good stuff though and I am very proud that I did it and I know that it’s one of a hundred small steps to get me to where I am today. It was my journey to grow up maybe more than become a trader.


I have been trying to think about what’s different now. What changed? What can I pass along in the next 40 days that would help the next person make the journey.

The dirty little secret is this:


It was true for me then. It’s true for you if you are not trading successfully right now. It’s not a problem with the charts or what you know. Price only goes up or down.  It’s a problem in the emotional and physical processes that connect you to trading. Your demons if you will…

I am laughing to myself as I think about all of the emotional turmoil I and others have gone through over something so simple as “price moves up and down”.


Maybe I want to leave my version of a “map” or something like that. The things about my mind and my attitude and my discipline that had to change to get me here.

It’s kind of like the explorers from history class. Lewis and Clark maybe. They set out on a perilous journey up the Missouri River into the unknown and had to fight battles they didn’t know even would exist. They faced fear and danger and lived to tell about it. But the translation of that story will never do the actual journey justice. I will never be able to tell you what I’ve gone through or how I’ve grown up and changed through this or what it’s taken to get here. I can’t draw you your map or mark the pitfalls for you. Well I can, but you won’t listen and that’s ok. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be.

 But I guess I will try. I will tell the second half of my story. The part where I win. And maybe it will help you in some way.

Talk to you on Monday




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