Day 3: Turning Pro Revisited

I wanted to take some time today to revisit one of my the single best articles I have ever read. It was, quite literally, one of the biggest influences on the experiment. It is Steven Pressfields’ article on Turning Pro. I ended up reading the book like 10 times over the years just because it’s so practical and relevant to every stage and step of the journey. You can read the article HERE

“When we talk about the switch from the mindset of the amateur to the mindset of the professional, we’re talking about a total, fundamental, life-overthrowing revolution.”

When we set out to accomplish something, anything really, we are supposed to count the costs and plan the journey to the best of our ability.

But how do you actually plan for total, fundamental, life-overthrowing revolution?

Simply… You don’t. It’s impossible.

So you jump

Total, fundamental, life-overthrowing revolution is not cheap. Sure it’s free for you to take but it costs you so much to put into practice. In all reality, this journey was just to get me to the foot of the mountain of the revolution. I still probably have some of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of the journey ahead of me.


When I wrote my post on turning pro (HERE) I thought it had EVERYTHING to do with the actual trading. Things like learning about charts, learning about indicators, learning about systems and all that other stuff. I wanted to be a great trader! Hear me ROOOARRR… did you hear that? That was a real roar from a real trader… Impressive huh?

But I missed the real point. I missed the climax of the story.

“The person who is going to change is going to change anyway. She has no choice. She is impelled by inner necessity. While the person who is not going to change is not going to change no matter how many seminars or retreats she attends or how much money she pays to those who promise to help her make the change.”

The inner necessity of the change is what was driving me. Not the need to be a trader. I really really really thought that was it but actually the need to become the man and husband and father and friend and coach and ,yes, last but not least, trader I really deep inside of me wanted to be was the true catalyst.

I wanted to change. Plain and simple

I wanted to turn pro. I couldn’t stand the sight of myself in the mirror any more because I knew I had more to give. I had more inside of me than what I was giving. I slacked off in places that needed meticulous detailed focus. I didn’t complete tasks I said I would (I am still working on this one). But I wanted to change. That was the real point of turning pro.

The fire and determination and perseverance in the face of all resistance is what turning pro is really about. Not being a consistently profitable trader.

That comes after you do the work on your mind and on your body and on your words you speak and the beliefs you hold and the actions you choose to take or not take.

I promise. It’s worth it.

“I know how hard it was. I know the price you paid. I know the guts it took. I know how scared you are, and I know how weird and alone it feels.”

Well, no one may ever really know my price just like no one will ever know your price. That’s ok. It’s not for anyone else to know. But it cost me dearly and it will cost you. But again, it’s worth it.

Have a great day everyone.




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