Day 8: To Make You Profitable I Would…

I have been thinking so much about this blog lately. I have been thinking about what I want to pass along to you and any trader in the future that reads this. I have been working to communicate some of the truths of trading I have learned that no one else really talks about. The bikini and fast car pics with stacks of cash just isn’t me. I’m a family man and I want to do well for those that I love.

I wanted to answer this question in today’s post:

If I had to point you in one direction to make you profitable, what would it be?

Here is my simple answer…

Go to your charts. Put a bollinger band on that chart. Set that BB to a -50 shift…

Just kidding. (Though I did that once if you want to read about it in the old experiment).

It’s not a system

It’s not an indicator or an indicator setting

It’s you

I would take you to my gym. I would make you work in a field with me. I would ask you to follow me around and do what I do. I would train you in skills like Mr. Miyagi or Ip Man.

You need to develop your fighting skills

You need to spare with the market. You’re a fighter. You need to spare to learn opponents movements. If you box a stationary bag all the time you will never be successful in a real fight because your opponent is alive… and moves.

It’s you job to learn your opponent. In boxing, it’s how does he punch and how does she show her tendencies. In trading, it’s when do pro’s trade and when is liquidity in the market? Who are the players?

In fighting, it’s not always about throwing the most or the biggest punches. Jab, protect. Jab protect. Move away. Jab. There is a method to the fight and the fighter based on the fight. In trading, it’s trade, small stop. Trade small win. Go away from the market for the rest of the day. The next day, trade, big upper cut win.

You need to develop your fighting skills. No boxer stands in the ring getting beat about the face for a long period of time thinking to himself “ok. This is ok. I can still win if he will just stop hitting me”. Problem is, until your down, the blows will keep coming until you protect yourself. The market isn’t nice. It will never stand aside and let you take what you want without you being a cagey, scrappy, figure out how to win in a bunch of different situations fighter.


One of the things that sets me off more than anything these days is when people ask me “so what’s your system”.

So many people want to get proficient at trading by having me take my years of experience and box it up and hand it to them so they can unwrap the box and then be successful like I am or like Matt is. It’s impossible. To ask me about my “system” is just a subtle way of you telling my you don’t want to spend the time to learn my craft, my skill, my pursuit of mastery, and you just want me to give you the highlights so you can go do what I do. Impossible. Until you submit yourself like the apprentices of old to someone who has learned the craft, you won’t do it. You will be frustrated.

You are the key. Not the stuff on your charts and not the system. Remember that and develop your skills. Be a fighter. Be an apprentice. Seek mastery, not easy money, and over time, you will find what you are looking for.

Have a great day




One thought on “Day 8: To Make You Profitable I Would…

  1. This prolific run of blog posts is really inspirational Shonn! This one especially resonates with me, being a family man and just wanting enough to do this for a living without the Maserati in the driveway. The crux of this post being about finding your own way is great advice for any aspiring trader. I find the biggest part of improving my trading is to train. And train. And train some more. That’s the only way to find out what works for your own trading style. Keep the blogs coming!

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