Day 12: Screw Your Equity Curve

Ya. I mean it. Forget about it. It’s so indulgent and ridiculous and feeds the ego and stops you from doing the real work. It causes us to close trades to early and hold on to losers to long to “protect the image”. Just find a way to be profitable. Who cares what the stupid curve says. It can all go away in one mistake. One decision can wipe that whole facade away. So is it important? Good or bad curve, forget it. The real treasure is in the journey.

Pressfield said it best:

“Epiphanies hurt. There’s no glory in them. They only make good stories at AA meetings or late night among other foot soldiers in the trenches… Each has his own story, of that ghastly, hideous, excruciating  moment when it all turned around for him”.


“Krishna said we have the right to our labor, but not to the fruits of our labor. He meant that the piano is it’s own reward, as the canvas, the barre, and the moviela. F*** the marshmallow.”

If trading is not it’s own reward and we trade our p&l or our equity curve every day, then it’s over before it begins.

Have a great day.




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