Day 17: Getting Lucky… Let it Happen

I have been thinking a ton lately about the role “getting lucky” plays in trading and whether or not I am open to that idea or not. Do I want to control the situation to death or do I allow for out sized, undeserved rewards? Does my effort always have to be measured by the return or can a little effort produce a big return?

Let’s just say, I am kind of changing my mind about all of this…

Listen to hear more.

I am just now learning to allow good things in my life. Control sucks sometimes. Allowing good is pretty cool though…

Have a great day




2 thoughts on “Day 17: Getting Lucky… Let it Happen

  1. Loving the podcasts Shonn. Sometimes you spark some creative thoughts in my own mind, other times I haven’t a clue what your going on about. The usual types of podcast get the crowds going like pop music does, with plenty of people having an opinion and easy to comment on. Yours are more off the cuff, improvised and more natural, a bit like Jazz music, which is harder to describe and often difficult to pull off by oneself and certainly not main stream. I certainly would like to join in with a bit of sax or even some funky lyrics myself on occasions. You did mention something about doing a gig with some others and I hope you keep us updated on that. Certainly your jams with Matt and Booker are well up there with the greats. I did however notice some guy called Eric from a psychologicalhealingcentre liking your day 6, but I wouldn’t worry about that too much, many of the greats performed their most creative, but less mainstream work when in a natural induced trance state or even chemically induced, creating the image of being completely off their trolley by the many, but gaining a cult status by the like minded, inspired few. Keep it up, it is something totally different. Cheers

    1. Simon, that is such a great comment. I am totally off the cuff and not mainstream. Mostly I have this thing that I just want to be real and not have to be somebody. I tried that once.. .Didn’t turn out great. I need to have you on the podcast. That would be so much fun. Thanks friend.

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