The Enemy is Distraction

My good friend Owen Hill in Death Valley. Thank you for the inspiration sir.

It is actually rare that I find myself truly inspired these days.

But when it happens, it is truly an amazing feeling. It’s comfortable, like you know some how you have been there the whole time yet at the same time, exciting and adventurous like I am about to set out into something new. Inspiration.

Moments of clarity are few and far between and come at a high cost. I truly believe that. We always want the moment of clarity to be the mountain high, the triumph. That’s what the movies say right? Moments of clarity come when we win. I think that is wrong though. I think the true moment of clarity comes well before we win.

I watch the movie “Joy” the other day. Good flick. I highly recommend it for anyone out there trying to make something happen that is truly outside of anything they have ever done before. Her moment of clarity came well before anything ever happened in a dream. She knew she was going to do something, she just had no idea what. And even after the dream, she had so many big obstacles to overcome to get there. Only here singular focus got her over the obstacles. It was a mop. That’s it. She was able to do great things because only had one focus. It’s a great story.


Getting away this week has been good for me. I think we all reach a point of frenzied madness sometimes that forces us to our moment. We allow chaos to take over. We run wild and accomplish nothing. I have this quote I used to keep above my computer from John Wooden: “Never mistake activity for achievement”. Well, if activity lately had equaled achievement, then I would have been an overachiever I guess. I have been busy. But I have still felt this strange hole, this space where I should be feeling good and accomplished and like I am moving in a direction, but I don’t. I feel empty. I feel worn out. And I have come to a place where chaos, my veil of activity, was blinding me to achievement and truly important work.

There is something in all of us that is important to us to accomplish. We can’t really tell anyone why. We only accept it in the silence usually though. We spend our waking moments fighting it while saying “it could never be that simple” or “I must do more to accomplish it”. But when we wake up in the morning and our senses are fresh, or when we get a quiet moment away that we truly let go of our preconceived notions and find peace, we know the truth:


My friend Owen Hill posted that photo above on Facebook. I saw it yesterday. I never look at facebook but I opened it yesterday and I saw this photo and it stirred something in me. Something that longed for peace and not busyness, focus and not chaos, clarity and not distraction.

Yes that is the word. That’s the enemy I have been trying to define so I could fight him.. My sworn adversary. Distraction.

I see it everywhere now. My life is distraction. It has been a weakness for many years.

I have used this example many times, in fact I think it’s in the very first post of the experiment. Sometimes it takes me a bunch of time for me to learn things…

I have had too many minds… Mind to becoming a master trader. Mind to starting a business. Mind to pleasing people. Mind to proving myself. Mind to doing what everyone else around me does. Oh this is getting ugly…


This is no longer allowed to be more than one thing at at time ever again to me. I can’t do all things. I can’t be all things to all men. It is impossible. I must choose.

So, I choose. I want to build my trading account. Like a builder builds a house. Planned out. Intentional. I want all of the focus, energy, and attention I can muster to be focused directly on that goal. It’s what I set out to do long ago but I got distracted and started to believe that I could never grow my account to what I wanted from just doing what I know how to do. I had to “do something else. Something more” to get there. I must add things. I must please people. I must distract myself and find frustration and lack of results throughout because of the double mindedness. Ron Swanson says it best “Why half ass two things when you could whole ass one thing”. I am not sure I can say it better.

Singular focus. Fierce intentionality. One thing at a time.


We hear this all the time and hear it and agree with it and then the bills come and we forget it and think that pursuing the little paper with past important people on it is more valuable than the person holding it.

Money will come, but you can’t chase it. It’s like the girls on the playground right? The boys that chased them and tried to get their attention ended up finding nothing but frustration. But the guy who ignored them and got really good at the monkey bars was able to impress them without ever trying and the girls came to him. No chasing required.

It’s time for me to be more standoffish. It’s time for me to ignore more things. It’s time for me to be more focused on what I want to accomplish. I am not here to please anyone. I am here to have a single mind, a focus, a passion. And if it takes all of this chaos and frustration and impotence to get there, well then that’s cool. Bring it on. I’m going to bottle it all up and turn it into what I want.

It’s really a search for peace. The picture at the top is a search for peace, not accomplishment. I have searched too long for accomplishment. I know choose peace.

I hope everyone has a great day.




3 thoughts on “The Enemy is Distraction

  1. Very good post Shonn. It’s been in my in box for a few days as I’ve become overwhelmed with everything else.
    I like the, ”There is something in all of us that is important to us to accomplish. We can’t really tell anyone why. We only accept it in the silence usually though.”Nice words.
    Miss the podcasts.
    Thanks for the ‘like.’

  2. Excellent article. Man, I had a shock last week. I finally reached my goal in trading and started picking up subscribers to my signal and had so many more people looking to invest in it. It was my goal for like two years. But as soon as it happened, I knew it was completely wrong for me and quietly backed away. This was traumatic because it means I can’t really trust anything I think I want (scary). I’m looking for clarity and no distraction, so am going to trade my own account and not get involved in anyone else’s money ever again. Screw that. I think I’m looking for the ultimate focus in trading life and it has nothing to do with selling anything or making money.

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