Lessons I Learn From My Son

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That’s him in the (Air Force jersey). Shonn Carson Campbell. Love that kid…

Sometimes though, he’s tough to deal with. No, it’s not because he misbehaves or causes trouble or does anything outside of what  any nine year old boy should be doing. He’s a great wrestler, working on becoming a great hockey player, and has dreams of being a great football player. He’s a leader and I’m proud of him.

No, he’s only tough to deal with because I see so much of myself in him…

We have been on this kick for several weeks now about getting goalie gear. For whatever reason, he is very interested in playing goalie. I’m like cool, I need someone to shoot on and as you get older, we can go to the pond and I have my own built in goalie! Good for me! But because he thinks he like it so much, he has been unbearable asking every day “am I getting goalie gear today?” Sweet Moses I’m about ready to buy it for him just because I pretty much can’t take it any more. And because I love him. But whatevs…

So what does this have to do with me? My wife might say I’m that same way, being almost unbearable until I get my way but that’s not what I want to focus on here. I see the dabbler in him that I have had to fight. I don’t like it in him like I hate it in myself.

Now I know what your saying… He’s nine… And yes I agree. He should try a ton of stuff. But there’s an attitude of a dabbler that is much different than just trying things out to see what you like. I know. I am one.

What is the Dabbler? It’s from Mastery. One of my fav books of all time. Here’s a short description. “The dabbler approaches each new sport, career, opportunity, or relationship with enormous enthusiasm. He or she loves the rituals involved in getting started, the spiffy equipment, the lingo, the shine of newness

The book goes on to give much more detail and if you haven’t read it yet, I would highly recommend it. (Get your copy HERE)

I hate writing that stuff. It gut punches me in the face every time. I have done that sooo many times. Leonard goes on to call the dabbler “the eternal kid”. OUUUUCCHHH.

It’s the whole reason I started in trading. I’m not afraid to admit it now. I needed a new sport. New equipment. New lingo to use around people I thought would find it interesting.

The same way my son has gotten gear for every other sport, played for a while but once he hit the resistance of the plateau, he throws it in the sports bucket and moves on to “need another piece of equipment.”

Again, I’m not being hyper critical of a nine year old and we have conversations about decisions and sticking to things. (if you’ve been reading my stuff for very long, can you imagine how annoying it would be if I were your dad?! Prayers for my son please. 🙂 ) It’s a good thing that I can talk to him about it now.

But I am much more critical of myself in this area. I have made some decisions to stop being the dabbler and to do two things:

  1. commit
  2. execute

I won’t look at what I don’t have any longer. I will only focus on what I can do about it and completely engulf myself in the process. I’m about to take on a whole new level in an attempt to break the dabbler in me and force the eternal kid into an eternal timeout.

Trading requires no less. Shoot, life requires no less!

So, it’s time to cool with the equipment you have. No amount of monitors will solve your problems. No new systems unless you have actually done the work to know the one your using doesn’t work. No more distractions. No more faking it.

See the thing about all of this is our actions speak louder than our lingo. I can tell if my son loves something because he acts like it! I can tell if I love something and actually want to accomplish it because I act like it. Nothing can hold me back.

Have a great week!





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