Evolution vs. Execution


Keeping with the Navy Seal theme from my previous post, I want to talk about their training and how it relates to our trading journey.

The Seals use a term for their training called “evolution”. I love this word because it makes sense. Training should be an evolution. Not a stage or a step but like a flow. An evolution.

These evolutions take place over a multiple weeks of pretests and then actual training courses that push these soldiers to limits most can’t get through. It is a very intense process and we all know the failure¬†rate is very high. I would never pretend to understand what it takes to do this as I never have. There is this huge part of me that still wants to see if I could take the test though. Maybe one day I’ll get to do one of those seal fit versions. Who knows.

Anyway. I think traders go through this evolution. I know I have. Here are a few of the different looks I have used in trading, in order oldest to most current:

Chart Example





Not to bore you but that’s how I evolved. I can trace different parts of my progress to each one of those charts. (I guess I can’t get away from MA’s…)

Now, I trade mostly naked. (My charts people. My charts are naked. Not me.)

It’s been an evolution. Evolution breaks down what’s not important, takes it away, and builds upon what is good and makes the team or the trader better than they started out. It’s a good thing, no it’s a necessity to progress.

Here’s the problem though. We have to stop evolving and start executing.

The Seals have to. They don’t train forever without putting that training to use. They aren’t addicted to the evolution like I have been sometimes or like I see other traders. A trader must take the focus off of the evolution, and put the focus on the execution when the time is right. There is no level of perfection or training that takes away the “DO IT” part.

The struggle makes us strong. The evolution of our trading knowledge and understanding builds us. The training of our emotions and our discipline makes us unstoppable.

Take the step. Use what you have to execute. There is nothing left to learn. Shut the twitter off. There is no news that can take you to where you need to go. There is no long term chart. There is no where to transfer your risk of execution. You have what you need. The evolution is over.

There is now. Risk controlled, patient, focused, disciplined, now.

Do it. Just do it.










2 thoughts on “Evolution vs. Execution

  1. Hi Shonn, I have always enjoyed your posts, but this one is the best. I have been in the process of evolution for a really very very long time, and yesterday I came to the same conclusion. Reading my own decision, expressed so beautifully by you has reinforced the thought.
    Thanks for writing and sharing

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