Addictions are Good… Wait… Whaaaa?

I think maybe I’ve been going about all of this the wrong way in the past. You have heard me talk about the two doughnut rule before right? Teach yourself discipline by putting two doughnuts in front of you and only eat one (or anything you love to eat or drink for that matter). Discipline through punishment basically. Don’t do this and you shouldn’t do that. Heck that’s how we are all raised right?

According to a study done by UCLA, kids hear the word NO an average of 400 times a day. This fascinates me because I think it carries over to our daily lives as adults. We are constantly telling ourselves no! NO I won’t eat that doughnut. NO I won’t take a day off work. I have responsibilities and I can’t lose my job. NO I won’t take up photography and post them on the internet to bring joy to people, I’m just to busy telling myself NO.

What if all we have to do is hack that? What if we need to just here a whole bunch of yes’!?

What if we need to point our addictions to good things that benefit us. What if I was more addicted to a really good blend of juice I created by trying different vegetables and fruits in my juicer? And what if I was able to reason with myself on the doughnut and realize that the sugar alone is worth not eating it? My addiction would all of a sudden be turned to something good.

Jocko Willink is my new hero. I read his book Extreme Ownership a while ago and it has been a huge eye opener and inspiration to me to get back on track with what I want to accomplish. Find your copy HERE

But I am shocked by what has actually inspired me the most and that’s his Instagram account HERE

This dude posts pictures of his watch at 0430 every morning and his sweat drops after workouts. At first, I was like really? Why am I following this guy?! I don’t care about your watch or your sweat drops! But after a while I realized that this guy loved discipline enough that that’s what he wanted to post about.


Plain and simple. And that’s a good thing.

So I decided to try it. The weight room where I coach football was getting rid of some black workout mats so I washed them off (of course… eww) and brought them to my basement.

And I can tell you right now I’m addicted to making sweat drops on my mat every morning. I go farther in my workouts than I ever have before because I want to see more drops. That’s all I freaking care about is did I make my drops this morning and can I make more tomorrow than I did today.

I don’t post them to Instagram because I don’t want to be a copy cat so I send them to my wife and Rob Booker and Matt Lacoco (these guys might take me off the chat for this eventually but for today, they are going to have to deal with my aftermath).

Before I would cut workouts short and only go half way most of the time but now I know why: because I was trying to get a result that was not measurable day to day.


I wanted to be strong and get rid of fat. Ok. Cool. But when I worked out, I never looked in the mirror afterwards and thought “wow! that’s a big difference”. Now, let’s be honest with ourselves here for a minute, we are addiction based people. There is no doubt about it, and I am one of the worst. And when my addictive OCD side wasn’t being fed by results I could see, then I didn’t want to continue. But all it took was some sweat drops on a mat and now I can’t stop. I love it. And the BY PRODUCT of that addiction, is the result. I will be the fit person I wanted to be in a few months, but it won’t be because I am addicted to being fit, I’m addicted to my sweat drops. Here’s today’s pic if you wanted to see it… prob not but here it is.


So I am bringing this principle to my trading. I don’t want to focus on making a million bucks any more. I don’t even want to focus on making a daily goal or pip goal or anything to do with the result. I want to get so ridiculously addicted to drawing my lines and taking my trades that I can’t even see the results. Results come. The Navy Seals in their training say “slow is smooth, and smooth is fast”. I will slowly become more and more and more addicted to my processes until I hope the completely take over my life. Because the addictive nature I thought was really bad for a long time, is actually my greatest ally when focused.

I know what my sweat drops are in trading now. That’s a cool feeling. I know how to work out every day really hard now. That’s a cool feeling. And the best part is, this principle can be applied to anything I ever want to accomplish again in my life. I love it.

Have a great weekend.




2 thoughts on “Addictions are Good… Wait… Whaaaa?

  1. Very good post Shonn. I like that ”Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Got something going similar myself, but can’t bring myself to write about it, until my results are more long term.

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