Stoicism and Trading

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I am going to keep this post short. I have so much to say I will need more posts… So I probably won’t get into the actual trading related content here but this will lay some foundation.

I promised some content related to stoicism a while ago and I am following through on that promise.

My friend Matt Lacoco sent me a video last weekend that I absolutely love. It’s about how Connor McGregor, the UFC fighter that is set to go toe to toe with boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 12 days, embodies the stoic philosophy. Watch the video and then I will come back with a few more comments. (Warning, it is CMG so there is an F bomb or two.)

7 Lessons In the Video:

  • Want what you already have- We don’t want or need, we already have
  • Everything that happens is neutral- Your own reaction and perception of the event is what causes your own unhappiness
  • Practice Separation- Things you can control, things you can’t control
  • Turn the obstacle upside- no event is purely good or bad, always use it for your good. Things that would usually make you feel negative, turn them around and make them positive
  • Assume Voluntary Discomfort- I have no words. I cannot agree with this more and I am starting to practice it.
  • Emotions are created internally- what we tell ourselves creates our feelings
  • Care less- sounds wrong right? Don’t ignore, but don’t care about things you can’t control

I will be back with more on this later. Right now, take this in. It’s such good stuff.

Talk soon,



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