I Wanted To…

Master the Charts

Conquer the Day

Be a 1 Minute Trader

Be a 5 Minute Trader

Look Professional

Be Known

Be Impressive

Be the “Best”

Be a 15 Minute Trader

Never Lose

Always Win

Be a “Trader”

Show Others the Way

But with every attempt to get to these mountain tops, I basically found myself sliding further and further from the things I actually  wanted.

As I allow myself to put these things down, I seem to be finding more peace.

Now I want to…

Love God

Love my wife

Love my children

Work hard

Be Diligent

Have Extreme Intergrity

Be Accountable

Have Passion

Invest, Not Trade

Be Quiet

Be Still

Be Quiet




2 thoughts on “I Wanted To…

  1. Hi my friend or my brother, I started few years ago I left the boat a year ago. after 7 years of looses, do i regret, no no no, last year was wonderful rest. here is my problem: I try to understand, I look for logic, calculate etc etc . i cant hold a strategy. i just became so bad that i had to recalculate if it was worth it. I will be happy If I could get a profitable trader, I still believe it is possible but i had to quit for a time, My limits in my head. quit for a year. it is good to forget it will be time to filter lots of knowledge. the more i forget the better. then when i will feel sure the time is in i will do it again. trade . maybe. then the key will be follow a nice strategy to the details. one day i will know i am ready then i will return. now i let it be. so i would suggest any one. Let it be Rest do else enjoy life. now after a year i did not look on a candle. if you anyone is in the 3 years and on loses. Man Woman put it aside, your brain need to fit and rewire to fit the market, it is happening but the processes is slow.

    1. I understand friend. I totally do. I had to take a break for a while too. Thinking about trading almost took me under a couple times.
      Get your rest and then go back and find what actually works in markets: time and risk management.

      Be well


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