I Wanted To…

Master the Charts

Conquer the Day

Be a 1 Minute Trader

Be a 5 Minute Trader

Look Professional

Be Known

Be Impressive

Be the “Best”

Be a 15 Minute Trader

Never Lose

Always Win

Be a “Trader”

Show Others the Way

But with every attempt to get to these mountain tops, I basically found myself sliding further and further from the things I actually  wanted.

As I allow myself to put these things down, I seem to be finding more peace.

Now I want to…

Love God

Love my wife

Love my children

Work hard

Be Diligent

Have Extreme Intergrity

Be Accountable

Have Passion

Invest, Not Trade

Be Quiet

Be Still

Be Quiet




One thought on “I Wanted To…

  1. Hi my friend or my brother, I started few years ago I left the boat a year ago. after 7 years of looses, do i regret, no no no, last year was wonderful rest. here is my problem: I try to understand, I look for logic, calculate etc etc . i cant hold a strategy. i just became so bad that i had to recalculate if it was worth it. I will be happy If I could get a profitable trader, I still believe it is possible but i had to quit for a time, My limits in my head. quit for a year. it is good to forget it will be time to filter lots of knowledge. the more i forget the better. then when i will feel sure the time is in i will do it again. trade . maybe. then the key will be follow a nice strategy to the details. one day i will know i am ready then i will return. now i let it be. so i would suggest any one. Let it be Rest do else enjoy life. now after a year i did not look on a candle. if you anyone is in the 3 years and on loses. Man Woman put it aside, your brain need to fit and rewire to fit the market, it is happening but the processes is slow.

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