Should I Interfere?

My journey has cost me almost everything I have ever thought was important to me. It cost me money. It cost me reputation. I have had so many people look at me and wonder what the hell I’m doing.

The hardest part to deal with in the entire process was losing myself. Man I fought to hold onto that mess…

My pride

My ego

My false identity

My need for validation

This has taken seven years…

Seven. Years.

And now I could teach anyone, I literally mean anyone, to trade in about 30 minutes. No vague concepts. No more predicting or guessing. Just following a market.

It’s like when Chuck Knowland (Tom Hanks) in Castaway. He has to spend hours and sweat and cuts and blood and work on just simply making fire. He has to overcome obstacles and think through all of the reasons that it’s working or not working. And then…


Then at the end of the movie, after he is rescued and back in civilization, he clicks a little lighter and fire comes out and he gives the look like “really… I wish I would have had THIS”.

We all think we want the lighter on the island, but will that really help us? I’m not so sure. 

If someone would have sat with me seven years ago and handed me my trading style, method, knowledge and belief would I have been better off?

If I’m being honest I really don’t think so. I’m better because I had to go through what I had to go through.

So I am struggling. I want to help traders. I want to use what I know and what’s been shown to me to make life better and solve problems for my fellow traders.

I know how hard it is. I know what I went through to get here. I freaking know…

But would I be stepping in somewhere where a trader doesn’t need the lighter, they need to learn how to make fire?

Just talking today after a long time of thinking.

I hope you have an amazing trading week. Please email or comment here with your thoughts on this.





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