Figuring out the Un-Figure-Out-Able



What is our fascination with solving the problem?

Actually, why do we NEED to solve the problem?

What if there actually is no problem?

What if we were meant to flow, not control?

In other words, is solving the problem causing us to stay in the problem?

It has for me.

Think through your trading for a minute. Where is the greatest area of frustration?

**Allowing time to think**

My guess is that your greatest problem is that you CAN’T solve the problem!

Trading is a flow. It’s not a problem to be solved.

Something I used to say a long time ago: Trading is art, not science.

I am happy when I flow with the market. That doesn’t mean trend or counter trend. It means I listen instead of talking. I allow instead of try to understand. There is no need to be right.

This is not a system. This is time. Time learning.

My greatest periods of growth were always when I tried really really hard to figure it out and then I stopped and let all of that madness go and then the real  answer was obvious and clear and simple.

I’m sorry, you will never figure it out. As a trader, you can only hope to find a flow.

Thanks for reading.




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