So I headed out on the first Coffee Roaster Road Trip of the summer on Saturday. I will admit, I had a graduation to go to and it was on the way. AND I had visited this one last summer as well so it wasn’t new, BUT it’s one of the best I’ve been to so I will tell you about it.

Location: The Pour House Coffee Shop, 202 W Main St, 81226 Florence Colorado

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The Pour House is situated on one of those old town main streets that we all drove down as kids at some point in time. Tall faced brick and stone buildings that have been there for many years and have seen many people come and go and world events flare up and fade away. But these places always stay where they are, serving small communities and amazing people and these towns are all over the mountain west. What a great summer I will have exploring these places and drinking some great coffee.

So my favorite thing to do is to try the Americano EVERYWHERE I GO… I drink Americanos like water. They are my favorite. So I always order one and then grab a bag of whole bean coffee to take home to the french press. The Americano is usually pretty standard. I’ve only had a couple that I would say no to in the future but most of the time it’s a pretty reliable choice. The only difference would be the espresso used and I haven’t gotten that picky at any of these places. Not sure I ever will.

I go for the beans.


I always bring home a bag of something to try for my morning coffee (which is one of my most vital parts of my trading routine. More to come on that later)

And this one did not disappoint! I tried the Organic “Chupacabra Espresso Blend” (Medium Roast). It’s a rainy Monday morning here in the CO and it’s absolutely perfect. It has great flavor with out making your mouth feel like you just ate some left over fire ash like some espresso roasts can do.

This is goooood stuff. If you are ever in southern Colorado and your looking for a good cup, maybe even place a trade while your there.

On to the next one!